Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Leaders or followers?

I'm often struck by how relatively few people are willing to strike out on their own and be leaders rather than followers. In every walk of life there seems to be an aversion from standing out from the crowd, or taking the route less travelled.

This has been highlighted to me again this week as I've got to know my new flatmate better and realised how strong she's been in ploughing her own furrow for much of her life. I thought I was doing well but this awesome woman puts me to shame!

It's a lesson to up all - not to be unconcerned about or oblivious of what others think. That would be unrealistic and probably unsafe. But not to let that knowledge hamper or constrain us unnecessarily. It's all too easy to find reasons not to do things, particularly when they make us somehow different. It's far harder to know it, understand it, and still take the risk to do it anyway. To lead rather than to follow. To stand alone and tall and to take the chance of failure in the hopes of achieving success. One thing is for sure - if you don't try, you'll damn sure never succeed. Go figure!

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