Thursday, 19 May 2011

Car go?

One of the more fun parts of my day today was to attend the launch of the Cargo bike scheme here in Stirling.

Arranged by the fabulous Going Carbon Neutral Stirling, the Cargo bike scheme is putting 15 of these strange looking vehicles on the streets of Stirling to prove that you can get by without a car and utility cycling is a realistic option.

Cargo bikes are apparently a fairly common sight on the streets of Dutch towns and allow cyclists the capacity to transport bulky items - and even passengers - around without the need for a car.

I did actually try one of these out today and despite not being particularly good on bikes normally I could see myself perhaps giving one a try. Perhaps it might just move me closer to the challenge I've set myself this year to give up my car.


Just Frances said...

What an excellent programme! That, combined with something like Sip Cars [; car-sharing programme] would really make car ownership unnecessary.

Can't wait to give them a try!

Bex said...

I'm trying to get a car club started using the pool vehicles from work but it's slow going at the moment. The project, not the pool vehicles - they're SMART cars, nippy but very small!