Monday, 2 May 2011

Making the most of it

So, what did I do with the rest of my long weekend? Did I mope and stress about being on my own or did I get out there and enjoy myself? Truth be told it was a bit of both - plenty to do and distract myself with, interspersed with spells of stopping to think (always dangerous I find) and starting to feel sorry for myself. But I am pleased to say, those spells were few and far between, and certainly didn't take over what has otherwise been a truly lovely day.

After a long lie and a few more pages of Beevor (check the link, guys, before you snigger knowingly!), and a light breakfast of toast and homemade marmelade (thanks Mum), I headed out into Stirling armed with my camera. I was looking for Signs and Symbols - for my entry to A Million Little Photographs - and find them I did. Perhaps not what the mind might automatically jump to, but signs and symbols all the same. And all the better for being found in and around Stirling. You'll have to wait until I've finished the challenge and had the photographs developed (yes, it's print not digital!!) before you get to see them. Hopefully there will be a few acceptable ones in there.

After that, feeling a tad on the thirsty side, I opted for my next favourite pursuit - drinking coffee. A short - ok, fairly long - stop at the Burgh coffeeshop did the trick - and also stimulated my creative juices as well. Leading to a new chapter (at last) for the collaborative book writing challenge - hopefully that will be a spur to my fellow contributors to get writing again too.

And now, I'm ending the day multi-tasking with cooking, blogging and checking out Facebook. A fairly productive day all round really!

Oh, there was some sitting around in the sun as well - but no running. I'm saving that for tomorrow morning (ahem!).

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