Saturday, 15 October 2011

7 down, 9 to go

Ok, I've been travelling now for 7 days and still have just over a week to go. What have I done so far? Well....

  • I've travelled by train, boat, bus and taxi - plus quite a bit of shanks pony if you include the sightseeing
  • I've passed through 4 capital cities
  • I've eaten far too much food
  • I've seen some wonderful and amazing sights
  • I've met some interesting people, a few of whom I could even understand..
  • I've learnt more Italian - not hard since I didn't know much to start with
  • I appear to have mastered eating on my own
  • I am becoming an ever more confident solo traveller
  • I've had so much fun
And now, what next? Well, I have one day left here in Taormina. It rained last night - nay, it absolutely poured down last night, complete with thunderstorms that lit up the night sky long after they'd passed across the water to Italy. The result is that it's much fresher today, so I think a walk up to the next village up in the hills is called for. From what I can make out, they're having some kind of harvest festival/celebration of local food today, so that seems like as good a reason as any.

Then tomorrow I'm off to Palermo - variously described as gritty, fiesty, real and full on. Hmm, not sure what to expect. But whatever it is, it will be an experience to add to the many wonderful ones I've already had this holiday.

Care to join me?

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