Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ooo la la (Round 1)

Having travelled all day, I've now arrived in Paris for my first overnight stop of the holiday. The hotel is, fortunately, very nice and mercifully, was very easy to find. I say fortunately because I'll be staying here on the return journey too, so nice to know that it's a good 'un!

And while it was easy to find, it still gave me my first adventure of the holiday - navigating the Paris Metro. Successfully. There's something about using the public transport system in a foreign country that just brings the place to life. Taxis and tour coaches tend to isolate, public transport most definitely doesn't. The maps, the people, the language you recognise but don't understand, the smell. All of it hits you in the face with the foreigness of your surroundings. Great!

Tomorrow it's onwards. Train journeys numbers 3 and 4 from Paris to Milan and then Rome. According to my train guide, the journey will rush me by high speed train through France before slowing up around Chambery to wind through the Alps before passing through Turin to get to Milan. There's a brief stop there and then it's a second train to Rome, the Eternal City. And the next stage of my adventure.

Can't wait...!Join me tomorrow evening to find out what happens next.

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ebbandflo said...

bon voyage - i'm hoping the carnet tix for the metro arrived? if not, they're at your place for your next parisian adventure