Saturday, 8 October 2011

The holiday starts here!

Well, more accurately - the holiday started last night when I finished work, packed and then headed out for dinner and cocktails with my awesome partner-in-crime at the wonderful Junk Rooms in Stirling.

It was a fantastic evening, and they'd even bought olives at last so Frances could have her dirty Martini (shaken not stirred, of course) while I stucky loyally to my new favourite cocktail, a French Martini. OK, or two! The photo above is my starter, oak smoked duck. Mmm!

And now, my travelling has started in earnest. I'm currently sat on the Highland Chieftan train as it whizzes its way down the East Coast mainline to London. From there it's a short hop under the Channel to Paris, overnight there and then tomorrow what I hope will be a beautiful train journey through France & Switzerland passing through the Alps and on into Italy, arriving in Rome in the early evening.

As you can probably imagine, I'm very excited about my latest adventure. I hope it lives up to last year's journey to southern Spain. Regular readers will be able to find out all about it right here on Crafty Manoeuvres as we move into Travel mode.

But for now, there's nothing more to be done except sit back, enjoy my WiFi connection, watch the countryside roll by, maybe set up a new folder for my holiday photos, and dream of sunshine and strange new places.

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