Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Or for the non Italian speaking amongst us (including me!), my 400th post.

What better way to celebrate than a night (and a day) out in Rome to blog about. But before you get too excited, it's nothing more interesting than my day's adventures, rounded off with my abortive trip to a fancy Roman restaurant...

So it's been another busy day of sightseeing, photograph taking and walking. I was well warned before coming to the Infernal city, that Rome is hard on your feet. And they weren't kidding! Even though I took the Metro and the tour bus today, my feet were still several sizes larger by the end of the day.

And in case you're wondering, today I've mostly been visiting St Peter's Basillica and Square, the Palatine Hill, the Forum and Piazza Navona - with a side visit to Piazza di Campidolgio thrown in for good measure. I didn't, however, make it to the Vatican Museum or the Sistine Chapel - the queues were just too long. Did I mention how many tourists there are in Rome???

The weather also conspired against me. I spent yesterday suffering from the wind - not the gluten induced variety, but a cold wind off the Steppes (Grabonia!) kind. I was beginning to wonder if I'd packed the wrong mix of clothes, but then today - as I was layered up for a repeat of yesterday's mighty wind - it turned warm again, and I spent the day sweltering.

So when in Rome, I did what the Roman's do - bought an ice cream and a bottle of water and retired to a caffe to watch the world go by.

This evening I resolved to go to a fancy restaurant recommended by my good friend, Deborah - of the comparative hospitality and mustard jar cocktail shaker fame - but unfortunately it kept rather later opening hours than I do, so I opted for a different, more toursity offering nearby instead. It was rather good, but what was more entertaining was the antics of yet another Italian waiter, concerned that I was on my own. Tonight I scored a free glass of Prosecco and 2 free glasses of Limoncello. I think I'm in love...!

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