Tuesday, 19 April 2011

In the pink

That time of year appears to have come round again, and the cherry blossom is in full bloom. Before long, the golden curtain of laburnum will appear and then the crisp green of my favourite tree as it bursts into leaf. 

And to think, this is the view from my office window. At times I forget just how lucky I am about where I work and how much freedom I have. 
On my way home tonight, I just had to stop and stare in wonder at the trees literally bursting into leaf around me. There were bits of bud dropping down all around and I could smell the scent of blossom all around me. It was a beautifully balmy evening and truly wonderful to behold. 

It's strange to think that little over a month ago we had snow on the ground and here we are now with spring and almost summer on the way. It's amazing to think that without us even doing anything the world keeps turning, the seasons keep changing and what was cold and grey can be bright and colourful again. 

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