Friday, 29 April 2011

Momentous occasions

It was such a momentous day today that we all got the day off work. Why? Probably not because it was my friend's Mum's 64th birthday (Happy Birthday, Barbara) or because it was the Friday after Easter Monday. Seems there was some young couple's wedding on in London or somewhere. So we all had an extra day's holiday - jolly decent of them if you ask me. Probably the shock of getting an Earldom rather than a toaster as a wedding gift was too much to bear on their own.

Anyway, not one to look a gift horse (even one from the Royal Cavalry) in the mouth, what use did I make of my extra day off? Me, I sprung cleaned (again). While the rest of the nation rejoiced, I did too - but only because now I have somewhere to put up guests - roll on the summer when my sister and nephew, and the awesome Just Frances come to stay.

And then I went out to celebrate with a M&S picnic in the park - just in time to chase the sun away. But still a few more photos for the April Photo Scavenger Hunt secured. And a good excuse for playing on a see saw, and keeping my eyes open for men in uniform - not that I usually need an excuse for that!

And now I'm warming back up again in one of my favourite Stirling coffee shops, the Burgh Coffeehouse, start of the small screen and maker of fabulous coffees and teas close to the main shopping drag of this fair city. 

The Scavenger Hunt has been a good spur for me to get my camera back out again, and also to do some stuff that I probably wouldn't have thought of doing otherwise - drinking Irn Bru (yuk, sacrilege I know, but it really does taste disgusting), eating ice lollies and having above said picnic. I was also brave enough to take (and publish) a photo of me completely naked...

Ok, my hair and face are naked. The rest of me is fully clothed - sorry to disappoint my more red blooded readers!

So all that's left is to complete this loyal (ahem) subject's post with a fitting poem:

The nation rejoices, or mourns
As this happy, or sombre, day dawns
Our eyes will be wet
As we sit round the set
Neglecting our flower beds and lawns

As Her Majesty rides past the crowd
They'll be silent or cheer very loud
But whatever they do
It's undoubtedly true
That they'll feel patriotic and proud

In Dundee and Penzance and Ealing
We're imbued with appropriate feeling
We're British and loyal
And love every royal
And tonight we shall drink till we're reeling

                                                               Wendy Cope


Just Frances said...

I'm glad that the extra day off was productive for you. And if it means a clean guest room for me, all the better!

I'm feeling a bit bad though since I've spent much of April sick so haven't gotten my own photos scavenged yet!

[Note to self: Take camera out with you tomorrow and try, try, try to find a cute boy (no, man) in uniform...]

Bex said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow, Frances.

Can't wait for next month's Scavenger challenge!!

And guest room is all ready for you - countdown has started!!!