Monday, 4 April 2011

Running away with things

Ok, they may not be the prettiest of things but my feet deserve a round of applause I think. Despite being of the flat, stumpy and somewhat gnarled variety, they are gamely putting up with my latest obsession - running. And not just any running, oh no! My running challenge for 2011 involves doing a marathon, something I never ever contemplated until Frances got me at a weak moment over Christmas.

So, assuming they haven't rebelled completely by then, in October this unphotogenic two-some will (hopefully) be carrying me over the finishing line of the Loch Ness marathon in Inverness.

And over the course the next few months they'll be carrying me over increasing distances as I try to build up from my current personal best of 7.68 miles to the 26 plus needed for a marathon.

Starting with the Balfron 10k in just under 2 weeks, followed by my first ever half marathon in Edinburgh at the end of May. By then hopefully I'll be fit enough to start my marathon training!

Fingers crossed, but preferably not toes.

1 comment:

Just Frances said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're doing this and hope that after you finish (and you WILL!) you're still talking to me! ;)