Saturday, 9 April 2011

Moving on

Sometimes it comes time to move on. Sometimes you get a choice about it. Other times it just happens. Like shit does.

And when it just happens, there's not much more you can do than roll with it. You can try to fight against it but often that's just wasted effort. However much you want it to be different, chamber are you have no control over it.

But the truth is that you have some control. You have control over how you deal with it. Whether you embrace the change and make it more what you want or whether you let it wash over and engulf you. Sometimes that can be hard to see. Sometimes your control is very very small.

Me. This weekend I changed my hair style. Not much I know. But it was my choice. I could control it, and right or wrong, it was my decision. No-one else's.

So short hair it is. Until it grows back that is!

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