Monday, 7 February 2011

300 not out

This is my 300th post on Crafty Manoeuvres! Yes, since I started blogging back in April 2007, I've subjected you dear reader to 300 episodes of self indulgent carp. Well done, you for staying the course!

The subject matter of the blog has changed quite a bit in that time. To begin with this was a blog about my crafting - hence the title. These days there's not a huge amount of craft blogging going on and much more about my favourite subject - me. To be fair, I have gone through a fair amount since April 2007 - two changes of job, a divorce, a change of location, deaths (not my I hasten to add, this blog doesn't come to you from the great beyond!), illness and other momentous happenings. If you read my blog on a regular basis, this will be all to familar to you.

I think I should try to get back to at least some blogs about craft - but not today. Today's post is going to be a celebration (briefly) of all things 300. From the tortuous film of the same name, to the 300th birthday of the Spectator, to the fact that 10 to the power of 30 (ok, not quite 300 but 10 x 30 is 300 so I'm claiming it) is a nonillion. There is apparently a 300mpg car, London is allegedly 300 miles from Paris and I'm about 300 days away from starting my Christmas shopping.

All in all, 300 not out. Not a bad score really.

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