Friday, 25 February 2011

Ah! That's better

What is? I hear you ask. Having a day off after a busy week when everyone else is still nose to the grindstone, that's what!

I am treating myself to a long weekend in honour of my forthcoming almost birthday, and do you know what? It's great. There's something extra special about being off when no-one else is (although from the busy-ness of this coffee shop you wouldn't think it), almost like skiving or playing hooky. And even though I'm not really doing anything special with my day off, it is a real treat.

So what have I done so far? Well, I had a lie in this morning - after Cat had woken me up at the normal time to shout at me to feed him, that is. Then I decided to go for a run and while my legs felt like lumps of lead all the way round I surprised myself with a not too shockingly bad time. Mind you, I've got a lot of training to do if I'm going to manage to achieve my running goal for the year!

And now it's lunchtime and I'm out sitting in one of my favourite Stirling haunts, enjoying first a coffee and now an interesting pot of Blue Lady tea (not to be confused with that 1970's classic, Blue Nun!!) and hiding from work colleagues who have popped in for a quick Friday lunch out of the office. To be fair, I'm not really hiding, but I am making myself look busy in the hopes that I won't have to share my quiet time. Aren't I anti-social?!

But I will be making up for it later when I join up with a clutch of completely daft people to take part in the not entirely serious annual Charity Music Quiz and compete for the honour of coming last. Not that it will be much of a competition. My musical knowledge is fairly shocking (I know what I like but don't ask me to name the artist, or even the song!) but points can be won by bribing the quiz master and his glamorous assistant, and also by undertaking forfeits. Most of my points from previous years have been won in this way. Oh, and by cheating, which is positively encouraged.

So, I'd better stop blogging now and start memorising my iPod playlist to avoid complete humilation this evening. Hope you're enjoying your Friday - just not as much as me!!

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