Friday, 11 February 2011

Craft and cunning

I commented in a blog post earlier this week that I didn't really blog all that often about crafty stuff anymore. So I thought it was time I rectified that and shared with you one of the projects I've just not long finished.

This was it just before it got finished and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was my second attempt at a moebius loop neck warmer, and I think it has actually worked this time. It was meant to be made from some 4 ply pure new wool I picked up in the Edinburgh branch of McAree's but it wasn't knitting up right, so I raided this Cashcotton from my stash and it worked fabulously well. I was never going to finish that cardigan that had been on the pins for the last 5 years anyway!!

So, rest assured, I am still crafting* - or at least as much as Cat will let me given that he likes sitting on my lap and doesn't like my attention being on other than him. My knitted garments now have an additional layer of added cat fur in their make up, and my wrists bear a few more scratches as a result of impatient and jealous swipes.

*Despite fewer craft related posts these days, the tag 'handmade' is still one of the most frequently used on Crafty Manoeuvres, so I'm not straying completely from my original mission. Just diversifying a bit!

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ebbandflo said...

cowl looks awesome and dropped stitch wave pattern too?