Monday, 6 September 2010

Falling headlong ...

...into autumn. (By the way, isn't autumn a great word. But not as good as autumnal)

Anyway, I noticed when I was out for my run this evening (6 miles in 61 minutes since you asked), that autumn is definitely on its way now. All around me the leaves are starting to turn a golden colour and begin their descent from the trees. We've got a windy night outside tonight, so I'm fully expecting to see leaves everywhere when I head in to work tomorrow (on my way to work that is, not in the office - unless I forgot to close the window that is). And there's a chill edge to the air these days too - particularly at the beginning and end of it. It might warm up in the middle, but there's no wandering around without a coat for the rest of the time anymore.

Other hints have been the abundance of the apples on next door's apple tree (I must try to get a photo, it has to be seen to be believed), my tomato crop and the advent of the brambles/blackberries all over the place.

I always find it strange at this time of year. Just when we've got used to the warmer weather, all too quickly it's scooting away and winter is soon on it's way. The evenings are already noticeably drawing in - my evening run has to be started by 7 pm now or it's too dark to get round and back comfortably. Before long, it will be back out with the scarves and hats and gloves, misty breath and (with any luck) crisp white mornings and clear blue skies again. And I'll need to remember where I stored the winter part of my all seasons duvet.

But for now, it's autumnal. And hopefully will be for a while yet. A reminder to make sure I get out during the day a bit more to keep my sunshine intake up and to enjoy the last few warm days of the year.

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