Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back to life..

...back to reality! (Reference, anyone?)

Ok, so I'm back from my wonderful amazing adventure of a holiday to Spain, and this is where real life kicks back in. Thursday at work was not a great welcome back, and I sorely wished I could head back to Spain again. But hey, I guess that's work and it's what I need to do to keep a roof over my head and to earn the pennies for more fun and adventures.

Other than work, what's it been like? Well, I was shocked by what a mess the flat was when I got back. I must have literally run out of the door when I left for the midnight train. First order of business, therefore, was unpacking, washing and tidying/cleaning the flat.

The next priority was getting some food in - which I managed to do on Friday after work. I seem to have been incredibly efficient at running down my stocks before holiday. I was mighty pleased, therefore, that I'd stocked up the freezer with meals. At least I wouldn't starve.

And otherwise, it's just been a case of getting back into everyday life. I got out for a run this morning, which was good since I have the Stirling 10k to look forward to in 2 weeks time. This morning's run wasn't that encouraging - a very heavy going 4 miles in 45 minutes with legs that felt like blocks of lead. On the other hand, being able to run 4 miles after a 3 week break in not far off my normal pace isn't too shoddy. I celebrated by going out for a coffee to my favourite coffee shop, and taking back my (overdue) library books - although nothing like as overdue as a friend of mine just experienced!

The other pleasant surprise of coming home was to find that my tomato plant far from being over and done, was just coming into its own. The picture above is off the first crop - or more accurately what's left of the first crop once I'd stopped 'just eating one' on my way in and out of the flat. There's about the same again on the plant still to ripen too.

Also pictured above are some of the squares I did manage to make while I was on holiday for my latest yarn project. As regular readers will know, it was too hot to do much crochet and in any case there wasn't much time left for it what with all the sightseeing, eating and blogging!

On which final point, many thanks for all the lovely feedback I've had about my blog. It's been fun to do and I'm glad that at least some of you have enjoyed it. The challenge will be to keep it going without the inspiration of a holiday to motivate me. For something slightly different, you could always try taking a look at the collaborative book writing experiment I've got going on my other blog.


ebbandflo said...

this year's tomato crop chez Foord = 4

welcome back home, i'm sure you'll find your blogging swing soon (and congrats on running 4 miles)

Just Frances said...

Yay! Welcome back! I hope that things settle down for next week back to work.

Am now wishing I planted tomatoes this year... yours look lovely!