Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Reasons to be cheerful, revisited

Well, I'm sure my regular reader(s) will be pleased to know that I have managed to remain in a happier frame of mind. Helped no little bit by finding a parcel on my doorstep when I got home from work today. Which inspired me to remind myself of the reasons there are to be cheerful.

So, let me count the ways...

Firstly, when I got home I was delighted to see that my parcel from Gorjuss had arrived. I am now the proud owner of a(nother) beautiful canvas from the very talented Suzanne Woolcott. This one is titled We Can All Shine (which seemed appropriate) and is stunning. This is the first one I've bought myself. My lovely big sister bought me my first one as a present. This was a present from me to me. I think I deserve it! And, I made up the bundle with two more bookmarks to add to my collection - or alternatively the present cupboard for when I'm too disorganised to have remembered to buy anything for birthdays, Christmas etc!

Secondly, as well as receiving a lovely parcel (nothing like goodies through the post to cheer a girl up!) I also have a surfeit of silliness to entertain myself with. I finally remembered to download and print off my Art of Silliness 2 worksheets, and now have plenty to keep me busy and happy. Yay for Carla Sonheim, and my fantastic friend Kitty for inspiring me to take the Silliness Course!

Thirdly, I had a colourful dinner tonight - pan fried tuna steak with homemade tomato salsa. Yum in itself but even yummier that I was home in time to cook for myself instead of snacking on cheese and crisps. No evening meetings tonight and a productive day at work - reasons to be cheerful indeed!

Fourthly, I have a day off on Friday!!!! And nothing of importance to do. A day of complete unplanned spontaneity and fun. Can't wait.

Fifthly, I am meeting up with an old friend tomorrow night for a drink and a bite to eat. Should be fun.

Sixthly, I have company coming round this evening too. A surfeit of friends as well as silliness.

Seventhly, while I was doing the washing up this evening I misheard the lyrics of a song and thought it was about porcupines. Which was funny enough in itself, but it also served to remind me of a silly poem my dad made up when we were younger. And that made me chuckle! I'll leave it to my sister to quote the poem.

Eighthly, it has finally stopped raining. And while it's due to start again on Friday, potentially shelving one of my ideas for how to spend my day off, it's due to dry and sunny tomorrow.

Happy days!

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ebbandflo said...

happy to oblige (and i'm waaaaaay behind on the silliness - will be taking it to Victoria this weekend to catch up)

"The porcupine, with action quick,
present and poke
the mocking stick."

GS Maxwell (sometime in the recent past)