Wednesday, 1 September 2010

And home!

Some thoughts of Spain 2010
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So, here I am back home again after a truly wonderful holiday in Spain for the last 2 weeks. I've already blogged my reflections on it - a bit premature I know but I was feeling reflective. What can I say?!

The journey back was relatively uneventful, although the slight hitch at the bus station this morning when I found out the bus I wanted to catch was full was a bit anxiety provoking. Fortunately I'd built in sufficient time for delays so even with the bus an hour later being half an hour late arriving I still got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Phew! The bonus was that the bus actually went direct to the airport instead of me having to change in Malaga. If I hadn't had to get a later bus I probably wouldn't have known - so it must have been fate.

And the flight with EasyJet was surprisingly, well, easy. Arrived ahead of time back in Glasgow, caught the city bus almost straight away and then straight onto a train back to Stirling. Couldn't have been simpler.

So now I'm home, unpacked, washing done (first load at least) and house cleaned - to remove the grime that I appear to have left when I departed on holiday 2 weeks ago. And only 1 spider to deal with too!!

Let's hope work is as easy tomorrow...

(By the way, anyone else think it's chilly here??)


Just Frances said...

Welcome home! I really enjoyed reading about your holiday the last couple of weeks. Almost felt as if I were there enjoying it with you!

Now to find time to check out all the lovely photos you've posted...


ebbandflo said...

welcome back home! and thanks for sharing your holiday with us. me and the wee guy have enjoyed reading the travelogue and looking at the pics
congrats for such an awesome adventure (and yay, i'm not the only one who leaves more grime than she thinks on departure).

PS: your parcel arrived :))))))

Bex said...

Thanks guys. It was great fun blogging about the holiday as I was going along. It actually made me think about it at the time in a different way too. I kept thinking about things I could blog about, and noticing little details to share.

Even the downbeat blog post helped - it was good to be able to tell someone how I was feeling and to help put it in perspective too.

And the supportive comments helped too, thanks!