Sunday, 4 July 2010

Coasting along

Wales 030
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Well, today was the first full day of my holiday - or at least one that didn't involve spending 10 hours driving a car to get here!

The journey was very long yesterday - much longer than I thought it would be. But I survived it, and to be honest I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I would be.

So I was full of great intentions to get up and walk to the nearest village, along the coastal path, to have Sunday lunch at the pub there and then walk back. Unfortunately the day started with blustery winds, descended into yukky drizzle and had visibility shortening by the minute. With that kind of prospect, I decided instead to see what St David's had to offer. 10 minutes along the road by car later and I arrived. It was bigger and smaller than I expected all at the same time.

If I'm back there again in better weather, I'll take some photos. But instead, I wandered round a bit in the drizzle, got my bearings, found a farm shop outlet and stocked up on food, and booked a climbing course for Friday morning. Eek!

And then I found a pub and had lunch - not a full Sunday lunch since I hadn't worked up an appetite, but a lovely bowl of Bouillebaisse instead. All fresh local seafood I think too. And by the time I came out, the sun had started shining so I rushed back to the cottage, changed and headed out for my coastal path walk.

The photos are posted on Flickr so you can see a bit of what I experienced. While it was sunny, it was also still fairly windy, which was probably just as well as I think it would probably have been too hot otherwise.

The walk was beautiful - stunning blue seas, foamy white surf, dry pale green grass, clover and thrift - and solitude (on the whole)!

I even saw some peregrines or sea-eagle chicks - I'm not quite sure which, but they were definitely raptors - and only about 20 feet away. Amazing!

Provided the weather holds I'm planning a longer walk tomorrow - taking the bus to the start and then walking back home. Fingers crossed!

And now, there's another beautiful sunset to view so I'll leave it there!


ebbandflo said...

gorgeous pics - looks like a lovely spot for a holiday

(insanely jealous)

Bex said...

You could join me next year perhaps?

Frances said...

It sounds like you're having a fab time and the photos look great! I echo the jealousy line...