Thursday, 6 January 2011

30 things

My online friend and inspirator (is that a word? if not it should be!), Kitty Pinkstars blogged today about the importance of finding things that make you smile and suggested making a list of 30 things, just as they come to mind and in no particular order.

So here goes. My 30 things that make me smile out loud are:

  1. My nephew's infectious giggle
  2. Beautiful sunsets
  3. Pure white untouched snow
  4. The first green leaves of spring
  5. Snowdrops, crocus and daffodils - all the spring flowers
  6. Cherry blossom
  7. The perfect Cosmopolitan
  8. Lunch with friends
  9. Completing a project
  10. Starting a project
  11. A home cooked meal
  12. Coffee and good company
  13. Mastering a new step at tango
  14. Candles and a log fire
  15. Fresh sheets
  16. A cosy hot water bottle
  17. A crisp winter morning
  18. Dawn on a perfect summer day
  19. The seaside in any weather
  20. Fish and chips
  21. Tom & Jerry cartoons
  22. Watching clouds
  23. Bonfires
  24. Singstar battles
  25. Getting to the top of the hill
  26. Misty mornings
  27. Unexpected mail items
  28. The end of a run
  29. Holiday adventures
  30. Being met at the airport

So what's your list?


Just Frances said...

Your list made me smile!

ebbandflo said...

you've missed out firefighters, chocolate, and cross country skiing! not to mention guinea pigs, flat pack assembly, and Robert Smith's "happy period"

get a grip!

Bex said...

I guess I'll just have to do another list. There's something great about needing to do more than one list of '30 things'!