Sunday, 30 January 2011

(Anything but) Junk Food

Serendipity is the chance discovery of little treasures by happy accident. It's also what lead me to discover Stirling's latest eating establishment - The Junk Rooms on Friars Street. I was stopped on my way to my tango class last weekend by a guy handing out leaflets. I actually thought he was stopping me to ask the time or directions, and feeling in a helpful frame of mind, I decided to stop. He explained that The Junk Rooms had just opened and we got chatting. Since I was on my way to my tango class I offered to take a few of his leaflets there and in return I'd bring a few leaflets about the Tango Festival down for him to display. I so tired at the end of last week's class that I didn't make it back down, but after today's Practica I decided to pop in.

And I'm really glad I did, what a lovely place, just what Stirling has been needing. It describes itself as a cafe, bar, bistro - and it is indeed all those things. There's a selection ranging from breakfast rolls to full evening meals, and everything in between. All made (apparently) from seasonal locally sourced food and presented as modern Scottish cuisine. Whatever that is, it certainly tasted good. The only disadvantage was that I wasn't hungry enough to try some of main course choices available.

What I had instead was an antipasti platter - carefully put together for me with oatcakes rather than bread after a discussion about diet and allergies with the owner. I had only gone in wanting coffee but he talked me into something a bit more substantial as you can see. Unfortunately they didn't have any gluten free cakes, but maybe I could suggest he stocks some things from The Cook Room?

Apparently it's also an Artists' Co-operative, something that suggests itself from the individual and quirky interior design. Mismatched tables and chairs, wooden floors, vintage glass lights and a stunning display of cut glass in the window all go to make a relaxed, airy and individual place that's a pleasure to be in. And they've even got a leather couch for me to slouch on as well - what more could a girl ask for? It doesn't hurt either that the staff are extremely easy on the eye!!

So if you're in Stirling and looking for somewhere a bit different to while away an hour or so, or catch bite to eat, you could do a lot worse than wander down to the Junk Rooms and try it out for yourself. I predict they'll give my other favourite haunts of Beanscene, the Burgh Coffeehouse, the Port Street Deli and Ziggy Forelle's a run for their money.

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