Monday, 17 January 2011

Old dog... tricks?

One of my challenges for 2011 is to learn new stuff. I've decided it doesn't need to be completely new stuff, even just additions to existing skills count. And since they're my challenges I get to set the rules!

So far this year I've not been doing too badly - I've learned how to knit a moebius loop and a hyperbolic rose. And now I've learned how to create curves with short rows - rows as in toes, not rows and cows as one of my friends sought to clarify!

But it's not all been yarn based learning either. Yesterday I was back to tango with a 2 hour workshop on volcadas, or being thrown off balance whilst dancing to the uninitiated. Great fun, really flamboyant to watch, damned hard to do but great fun. It's all in preparation for the first ever Scottish International Tango Festival that's taking place here in Stirling in February - can't wait, I must get my tickets and classes booked this week.

Shame I'm not making better progress with my other challenges - other than increased blogging that is!

1 comment:

ebbandflo said...

it looks really stylish but can you not get a similar sensation by getting half cut and having someone drag you round the dance floor ;)?
(i'm sure as the drunk person you'd feel like you were dancing that way, but it might be a different matter to the onlookers)