Saturday, 1 January 2011

All in a day's work

So, how did you see in the New Year? I saw it in very quietly with my sister and brother in law at their pad in Canada - knitting since you ask! We (big sis and I) had been entertained earlier in the evening by Mr Ebb wrestling with a large box and 2 beautiful teak chairs. Sadly he declined to assemble the 2 flat pack flower troughs I'd provided, mindful perhaps of last year's adventure!! But as the bells tolled (or more accurately, the iPod alarm beeped) I was on the finishing stretch with the last of my Christmas hats. I started this one first thing in the morning and was trying to finish it by midnight. As it was I was only 15 minutes overdue on my goal.

So what else did we do today? Apart from knitting, we partook of another couple of PoMo traditions - a big box shopping trip followed by a visit to Value Village (thrift shop extraordinaire!). Otherwise it was a fairly quiet day, although the Wee Guy did find time to see the man with as many noses as days in the year and tell Grandpa all about it. Ah, family traditions handed down from father to daughter(s) to grandchild - the way life is meant to be.

I also spent some time ruminating on my resolutions for the year but they're still a work in progress on which I'll reflect overnight and blog tomorrow - maybe!

Meanwhile, goodnight to one and all. May 2011 bring all you dream for.

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