Thursday, 13 January 2011


I'm currently participating in the 30 Day Photo Challenge, freely stolen from my friend Frances (who is currently not feeling too good. Get well soon, Frances, you have a fanny to freeze next week!) and subsequently borrowed by my happiest of friends, Kitty.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the challenge is to post a photo a day for 30 days on a particular daily theme. So far I've had to think about who I am, who I'm close to, what my favourite memory is, what I watch on TV, what I do of an evening, what makes me laugh and what my most treasured possession is (hence the passport pic, but you'll have to check out the 30 day challenge album to understand why).

It's good fun and it's also making me think. Some of these are questions that I don't really ask myself. I find that I glide (or often, stumble) through life without really stopping to think about it. Having to decide what is my favourite memory, most treasured possession or even just most liked TV show is not something I do normally. And I think it's good practice for me as I gear up to answer my number 1 question for this year - what do I want to be or do when I eventually grow up?

No answers yet, but just getting the brain in gear is a help!

Oh, and I'm also doing the 52 week Photo Project and have signed up for A Million Little Pictures too. 2011 is visually stimulating so far!

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Just Frances said...

One of the things I like best about these challenges is that they make you reflect on your life a bit. I've been doing some therapeutic journaling based on writing prompts, and I love that I'm forced to think about things I haven't thought of--or don't want to think of!

So glad you're doing the Million Little Pictures. I haven't started using my camera yet, but will begin very soon!!