Friday, 7 January 2011

Art - day 2

Art day 2 involved a visit to the opening of a new exhibition at Port Moody Art Centre (where big sis will be having her own exhibition later in the spring). It was great fun - some of us explored the art, some of us watched the cable TV crew filming the proceedings and some of us just guzzled the buffet!

The exhibition was very good - 4 artists, 3 from British Columbia, of whom 2 were very local and one was from Kelowna, and 1 American. All the work was amazing - but special mention to Jennifer Macauley who painted the work you can just see behind the Wee Guy, and Kirsten Chursinoff who creates the most beautiful and delicate fibre art.

It was almost (but not quite) enough to take my mind off the fact that I fly home tomorrow (or later today if you're reading this in the UK, although it will also be your tomorrow by then anyway - eh?) and that I had to pack everything up tonight. The goodbyes don't get any easier unfortunately. But at least I have the prospect of a long visit from big sis and the Wee Guy to look forward to this summer.

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