Saturday, 8 January 2011

Still moving

Well, my sock monkey and I are still travelling. After our 10 hour flight from Vancouver, we are now ensconced in Terminal 1 at Heathrow where our flight to Edinburgh has been delayed by 3 hours due to snow at Edinburgh. The airport itself is now open but our flight seems to have been caught in the delay loop - the flight by the same carrier leaving after our scheduled time isn't delayed however. How does that work?

Luckily sock monkey was clever enough to pack a good book to read and I have my netbook (fully charged) and my mobile internet connection to keep me occupied. I also have sock monkey's book for when she finishes it and my moebius knitting (2nd time lucky?). Between all of that we should have enough to keep us busy until our flight leaves. (You'll be pleased to know that I also packed spare undies and wash stuff so I am at least clean for my extra delay - no doubt much to the relief of my airport pick up at Edinburgh!)

Does anyone else think it's ironic that Vancouver Airport - that's Vancouver in Canada, that country in northern North America, close to the mountains, famed for its winter sports, - was completely clear and open while Edinburgh has yet more snow?

UPDATE 15.35 Looks like the outbound flight from Edinburgh is just about to leave so looking a bit more hopeful that I'll get home tonight, and hopefully not too late for my very obliging lift (thanks Hazel!) 

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