Monday, 31 January 2011

Taking stock

Well, who would have thought it? It's the end of January already. And time to take stock of my first month's progress with this year's resolutions. (If you want to see the full she-bang, have a look at my separate Goals page.

Resolution 1: Work out what I want to do when I grow up
Nope, still no idea. But my nephew has given me a good idea of 15 Things to Do Before I Grow Up - on which I'll blog next month, promise!

Resolution 2: Live a life less ordinary
Nope, don't think I've made much progress on that either. Still feels fairly mundane to be honest. I have got a new friend though! And made new friends too.

Resolution 3:  Stop living small
Nothing major, although I've been a bit braver in a few things, standing up for what I think is the right thing to do rather than just the safe thing.

Those are the big things I want to aim for, but I've also got some smaller goals or targets for 2011 as well. They are;

Goal A: Blog more regularly
I've achieved 32 posts in January. Not bad! (33 including this round up one)

Goal B: Get back to writing my book
Nope, no progress over on All Write Now . I seem to be having a bit of a writer's block at the moment!

Goal C: Rediscover poetry
I've blogged 2 poems in January. Not quite my one a week goal but not bad. I've certainly been reading more of it so that's a start.

Goal D: Learn new stuff
So far this month I've learned Moebius knitting and freeform crochet, volcadas at tango, how to use a slow cooker (almost) and a bit more about coaching.

Goal E: Do more travelling
Not a new destination, but a new attraction in an old haunt - Vancouver Art Gallery. I also found a fab new eating place in Stirling at the weekend.

Goal F: Live more sustainably
Nothing particularly new on that front, but I have been learning more about low carbon food and have started using a slow cooker. Not quite got myself to being able to give up the car yet, but I'm working on it.

Goal G: Exercise more
No exercise whatsoever this month. I really need to start running again. Definite target for February!

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