Saturday, 15 January 2011

Christmas comes but once a year...

...unless you're me that is.

I've just finished celebrating my second Christmas Day with my parents back here in Scotland. As regular readers will now I spent my first Christmas Day with my big sister, Mr Ebb and the Wee Guy out in Canada. So now that I'm back in the UK, it was time to catch up with Mum and Dad and open our remaining Christmas presents.

I got here last night. Mum cooked 2 lovely meals, Santa left me a stocking as well as the pressies from Mum and Dad, and all in all it's been a great Christmas part 2. No snow though - so just like my first Christmas really!

I am worried, however, about my choice of presents. And this is no reflection on my parents or their taste, they gave me what I asked for. And what was that? A pair of slippers and a slow cooker (as well as some great books, the obligatory Dilbert calendar and a really infuriating puzzle ball!) - hmm, is that middle age I hear calling to me from around the corner? Fortunately they also gave me £30, so tomorrow I'm rushing out to spend it on Uggs or a down payment on a ticket to T in the Park with the rest of the yoof!

Meantime, I'll just salivate over the recipes for Sticky Ribs, Lamb Shanks and Pork in Cider. Yum! Wearing my cosy warm slippers of course, and congratulating myself on my lower carbon cooking choice. Next year, a pipe!

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ebbandflo said...

slippers and a slowburning pipe-substitute?? says it all :)