Monday, 3 January 2011

Something new

One of my resolutions for this year was to learn something new. And while I already know how to knit, this definitely counts as a new variation if not a completely new skills.

So what is it? It's Moebius knitting and while it doesn't look like anything special, it's really quite freaky - you knit both sides of a twist at the same time and where you start from ends up in the middle of the piece rather than at an end. I know I'm not describing it very well, but effectively you knit, in one go, a moebius strip - a twist with no end and only one side. Hmm! Maybe you'd better just tune back in to see the finished article in a few days!!

And in case you think I'm neglecting my crochet, I've also started to dabble with freeform crochet - the ruffled items above being exhibits A and B. They're examples of hyperbolic crochet and incredibly easy to create - just keep doubling the number of stitches each row/round until you're happy with the end result. Hours of fun!

And now, time to get up and go snow shoeing! See you later, blog readers.

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